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Do I need to Register?

In order to make any interactive contributions, such as chat, send messages, post comments, join or create groups or make forum posts, you must register as a member. As a guest, you can access the blog and browse through current members, but are not able to contribute or contact any users.

My Account

How to Change Your Main Photo

This can easily be done by clicking 'Change Main Photo' under the 'Settings' button on the Toggle Menu. Here, you can upload and crop your image. Click 'Choose File' and then 'Upload Image.'

Modifying Accounts & Profiles

You may edit, delete or add any profile content from within the 'Edit my Profile' section. Furthermore, your account information can be altered from within 'Account Settings,' where you can change your contact e-mail or password, change notification settings or remove your profile.

Acceptable Content

Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions to understand what content is prohibited. Plainly, make sure not to upload or transmit any objectionable, demeaning, spammy, threatening, harmful or otherwise 'inappropriate' content. All material that you [the user] uploads is done at your own free will and you must claim all responsibility for it.

You must not post any pornographic content (including explicit frontal nudity or sexual acts) as your Main Photo. This is done to enhance the community and make it acceptable for all members. Since the main photo is visible to the Public and available through the members directory, it is necessary to keep this photo sensible.

You must upload photos that actually include yourselves, leading to a truthful representation of yourself (do not use others' photos as your own or pretend to be someone who you are not). If this is done, it could lead to the suspension or termination of your account.


How is my data processed?

Please review the Privacy Policy to learn how your Personal Data (PD) is used and maintained.


Reporting a Member

If you believe that a user is violating the terms of service, is acting inappropriately, is spamming or is uploading objectionable content, you may wish to report him. Please sent an

Adding & Removing Friends

This can be done directly from the user's profile, or from within the member directory.

Searching for Members

You can search the entire member directory from the 'Browse Members' page, which can be found within the 'Members' drop-down menu. The search form can be displayed by clicking 'Show/Hide Search Form.' The displayed results can be shown from within your friends or from within the entire directory.

Only select or fill-in the search fields that you would like to apply and leave all other options blank / un-selected.

When searching by city, it is a good idea to write the English name of the city; this field is manually entered by users upon registration, and is likely to have been filled-in using the English language.


Moderating Group Members

The group administrator can fully moderate the members from within the group, and also has control over the content that is published. By clicking on 'Admin' and then 'Members,' the administrator can remove, ban or promote any individual member.

Can I Make a Group Private?

If you are a group administrator, you have complete access to its privacy settings. You can choose to make the entire group private (only available to other members by direct invitation), public (completely available and searchable by all members), or hidden (making content only visible to members, and removing posts from public accessibility).

Further privacy options are available for media content, and Photos/Videos may be made public or private respectively.

What Content Can I Upload to A Group?

Members may upload their own content, and only their own. They should not share copyrighted material from other sources unless reference is made to it.

You should once again review the Terms and Conditions and understand that material should be appropriate an non-objectionable. You must not post obscene and/or overtly offensive material, nor that which is prohibited in the Terms of Service. The site and owners do not claim any responsibility for the content you transmit by uploading, and if you believe there may be some objectionable content, please refrain from posting it.

Also be aware that any material deemed inappropriate or damaging may be removed at any time, and could lead to a possible account suspension.

Can I Create My Own Group?

Absolutely! And moreover, you are encouraged to do so. To do so, click 'Create a Group' in the toggle menu (within the 'Connect' area), and you will be prompted with further instructions.

What is a Group?

A group is a sub-community, where you can share content and discuss issues related to the respective topic. This is a great way to meet others who are interested in the same topics.

Within a group, members can make forum posts, upload photos and videos and form new connections!


How do I delete my account?

If you would like to completely remove your account from the site, you can do so by going into 'Account Settings,' which is found in the 'Full Menu' that can be toggled out by clicking its button in the site's header. When in your account settings, you will see an option to Delete your current account. When deleting, all of your information will be lost!

Abuse or Spam

If you find members to be spamming, sending offensive or illegal content, pretending to be individuals who they are not, or harassing you in any way, please send an e-mail to, and we will investigate this at the soonest possible time!

Forgotten Password

To reset your password, click here: Forgotten Pass.

Errors and Accessibility Issues

If you experience any technical difficulties or access issues, please send a notice to and I will promptly look it over. Although I may not be able to resolve all issues or respond immediately, I will do my best to improve your experience, fix any accessibility problems/errors and make concurrent enhancements to the site. Please do not hesitate to send a quick message about any difficulty or accessibility issues you may have!

Contact Information

If you require assistance, you may send an inquiry to Please make sure to read through the FAQ, Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy for further help.



Membership to the VIP club is done via a secure and verified payment processor, Epoch, where the transactions are discrete and completely safe. Memberships can be chosen on a monthly basis. You can cancel your VIP membership at any time by accessing the 'Manage Membership' page - either from the left side menu or the 'VIP Portal' page. If you do not cancel, you will be re-billed for the upcoming month. Once payment has gone through, you will have immediate access to all normal and VIP features of the site!

Why VIP?

With VIP access, you are receiving some added benefits to your membership. As a free member, you can still use the entire site and all of its functionalities, with a few limitations. VIP membership allows you to: -See a full listing of all your past visitors, dating back to the creation on your account! -See all those who have favourited you, allowing you to get a glimpse of those who have bookmarked you and may be too shy to take further action! -As a free member, you can favourite and monitor unlimited guys, but the added bonus given to VIP members is that you can also track your favourites' activity from within your dashboard. This feature allows you to watch all of the activity made by your favourites, including their photo uploads, gallery actions, forum posts, etc. -You are able, as a VIP member, to view all winks that you've received. As a free member, you can send as many private messages as you'd like, and also chat freely with friends or in chat rooms. Yet, to see who has winked at you, you will need to have VIP access. -As a VIP member, you have complete access to the gallery directory, where you can better search for your perfect guy! -Lastly, you will not be limited to the simple search or member directory, but will also have the option to search by an extensive amount of criteria. In the advanced search, you will be able to select all available criteria as well as filter users based on location and distance from you!